rwilliamsRichie Williams has a knack for writing songs that get under your skin. His tales of Aussie battlers, triumphs and tribulations, love lost and found hit you square in the heart, while his melodies stay in your mind, long after the songs have ended. Like his influences, Jamiroquai and Steeley Dan, Richie’s music has a definite funk flavour, but there is a strong soul element as well, in both the stories he writes and in the catch of his voice.

Richie’s career has been steadily built the hard-fought way, gig by gig. He began learning guitar at five; was busking at Sydney Town Hall by ten; and playing gigs at local pubs before he was even legal. By the time he’d finished high school, Richie’s band had clocked up dozens of performances in and around Sydney. Richie’s next band with Rai Thistlewaite (Thirsty Merc) went on to perform alongside Gangajang, Skunkhour and D.I.G. and many others.

Dont miss a great night of music with Richie Williams at Kingy Bowls.


Date: Friday 30 May 2014
Time: 7:30 pm - 11:00 pm