The minute  you hear their opening song you will realise TOP SHELF know their craft and…
 “There’s gonna be a party goin’ on”.

TOP SHELF’s carefully crafted & versatile selection of classics , rock ,modern hits , dance floorfiller songs & blistering dance tracks will entice revellers onto the dancefloor.

Known for their energy and interaction with their audiences….their philosophy is simple 
“Play good , upbeat music to lift people’s spirits to forget their worries of the world AND just have FUN!!” 

TOP SHELF put on a show to take the punters on a musical journey injected with a sprinkle of entertaining antics. They love crowd participation. Be it a singalong or grabbing some unsuspecting person in the audience to do back up vocals or play a mean tambourine. After all it’s all about having FUN!

Powerhouse vocals , dynamic harmonies colaborated with a new spin on old pub favs & punchy Top 40 tracks is a cocktail to “Shake that booty”

Not content to just kick back & perform tired old play-list..TOP SHELF constantly update their material.
For fresh , tight , funky sound with energy & attitude go straight to the TOP SHELF.


Date: Friday 20 June 2014
Time: 7:30 pm - 11:00 pm