Help our Aussie Farmers!

We’re helping our Aussie Farmers & we hope you do too!


Aussie Farmers are doing it tough. In the wake of the worst drought in our history, farmers, their families & their livestock are facing unprecedented struggles & hardship as they strive to provide for our country. It’s time to stand up, unite as one & help our Farmers .. it’s the Aussie thing to do!


It doesn’t matter where we live, we all need to do our bit to support our Australian Farmers in need, after all, we want to eat Australian grown produce & meats in the future, not imported.

In some areas of NSW, & indeed throughout other areas of Australia, this is the worst drought they have seen. Many farmers are having to resort to shooting cattle because they cannot afford to feed them. Also mental illness of our farmers has come to light in recent times, as this is their livelihood. Their resilience is being tested & suicide is on the rise. We have heard a story of a farming family who have paid out more than $1m in feed for their Hereford cattle farm this year alone, but they can no longer afford to do so, with the only resort to killing their cattle now. It really is a terrible state of affairs & this is only one story among thousands.

So, as a Club, we’re getting behind the Buy A Bale fundraising efforts along with CornerPost Creative & fundraising through the Drought Muster marketing campaign. The Drought Muster campaign was inspired by one of our fellow Clubs, Armidale SerVies, who have seen the effects of the drought first hand, being based in the NSW New England

region, which is terribly drought affected. All funding goes straight to the farmers in need! So, this is your opportunity to help us to help & support our Aussie Farmers.


How can you help?

1. Simply purchase a “Bale of Hay” from Reception for $20 & watch the truck fill up!

2. Type this link into Google & donate online:

3. Participate in “Parma for a Farmer” where we will donate $2 from every Parmigiana bought from the Ocean’s Bistro from now until the end of August (Friday 31st August)



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