Introducing KINGY REWARDS!

Kingy Rewards is Kingscliff Beach Bowls Club’s tiered loyalty program aimed at rewarding the Club’s most loyal & valuable members. The more you use your card, the more Kingy Rewards points you earn & the quicker you progress up the tier levels to gain extra benefits & rewards!


Kingy Rewards has 4 tier levels, these are:



How do you find out what tier you are in?

  • By swiping at the kiosk / foyer swipe machine
  • Using your card at any Point of Sale (Till)
  • By asking one of our friendly staff members!

How do members “Move Up” & “Down” the tiers?

Moving Up: MONTHLY
Once you have earnt enough Kingy Reward points you have the opportunity to move up the tiers (promoted).

If you have not maintained your points over the 6 months before March & September, you will be reallocated to their new tier (demoted).

Important to remember – Spending your points will not affect what tier level you are in. By spending points, you will not drop down a tier. The tiers are based on the amount of points earnt in a 6-month period.


How do you earn points?

  • Interacting in ALL areas of the Club
  • Bar & Food Purchases
  • Bottle Shop Purchases
  • Swiping at the Kiosk (doesn’t contribute to tier grading, points only)

How do you spend points?

  • At the Bar
  • At the Bistro & Cafe
  • Redeem Vouchers
  • At the Bottle Shop
  • Membership Renewals


Expiration of bonus points

All member’s bonus points will expire on the 1st July each year with the exception of the Gold & Diamond members. Gold & Diamond members points will NOT expire.



For more information, come in & speak to one of our friendly staff & find out how you can turn your visits to the Club into real rewards

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